Oscar Aliaga (VT) - Career Pathways Coordinator, Vermont Agency of Education


Oscar A. Aliaga, PhD., Career Pathways Coordinator, Vermont Agency of Education. Dr. Oscar A. Aliaga is the first Career Pathways Coordinator for the Agency of Education in Vermont. His main role is to develop a career pathways system for the K-12 educational system in the state. Also, his work includes the design and implementation of career pathways for the school system. Recently, he has started to work on the development of a career pathway in cybersecurity, coordinating with technical centers, colleges, companies and other agencies and institutions around the country. Prior to his current position, he has been a Program Director and Research Associate with the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education, both at the University of Louisville and the University of Minnesota. He has also held a faculty appointment, and is the author of different publications.


December 3, 2018, 3:20 pm - 4:30 pm
Creating Cybersecurity Career Pathways - Sequin A and B