Brad Wolfenden (CO) - Director of Cyber Academic Partnerships for Circadence Corporation


Brad Wolfenden is the Director of Cyber Academic Partnerships for Circadence Corporation- a technology leader in cybersecurity education, training and assessment. Based out of Boulder, CO, Brad has built a successful portfolio of academic partners by leveraging Circadence's highly gamified platform, Project Ares, in an effort to drive increased awareness, opportunities for engagement, and dynamic, virtual learning environments to computer science- and cybersecurity-interested students at all levels of proficiency. Ranging from K12 to post-graduate programming, Brad has designed, delivered, and managed industry-academic-government partnerships focused on computer science and cybersecurity at all shapes and sizes. Brad is also a member of the NICE Working Group, as well as the NICE Collegiate, Competitions, and K12 Subgroups.


December 4, 2018, 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm
Gamification > (Greater Than) Games - Texas Salon F