3rd & 4th December, 2018 07:00 am - 06:00 pm

Website: NICE K12 Cybersecurity Education Conference


Grand Hyatt
600 E. Market Street
San Antonio, Texas, USA, 78205
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December 3, 2018, 4:40 pm

Lightning Talks


Lightning Talks are quick, 5-8 minute presentations on topics pertaining to K12 Cybersecurity Education. Times are approximate.

Moderator: Jim Brazell, CTE Specialist at Pearson

4:45-4:55pm - Talk 1: Partnering with Professionals to Provide Hands-on Experience to Students
Presenter: Collin Newberry, WI
Description: Gain confidence and understanding in how to engage with area businesses to obtain resources and engage with professionals to enrich the cybersecurity education programs at schools. Walk away with concrete examples of how to start partnering with business to enrich your cybersecurity curriculum.

4:55-5:05pm - Talk 2: Creating Mechanisms of Support for Cyber-Safe Schools
Presenters: David McGeary, TX & Lynnice Hockaday, TX
Description: Cybersecurity strategic planning is often focused on the safeguarding of technical resources and often involves the development of policies of mechanisms to help secure those resources. Learn how to shift the view of cybersecurity from that of an administrative (or technical) policy question to a general concern for all participants in the K12 landscape, the critical evaluation of classroom policies and mechanisms that should be part of classroom and school culture, and the beginning of strategic implementation plans for participants’ schools based on well-researched approaches to classroom cybersecurity. Come learn about back channel and response monitoring tools and walk away with a collaborative security planning template.

5:05-5:15pm - Talk 3: Towards Integrating NICE Cybersecurity in Education
Presenter: Izzat Alsmadi, TX
Description: This presentation will evaluate the NICE Framework from an education perspective. Issues and challenges related to the utilization of such framework to guide future cybersecurity programs are discussed in detail. One of the most significant challenges observed is related to the lack of a unified method to estimate KSAs. Different KSAs vary widely in their level of details.

5:15-5:25pm - Talk 4: Cybersecurity Career Awareness for Middle and High School Students
Presenters: Stacie Harrison, DC & Bob Black, MD
Description: This presentation seeks to create awareness of cybersecurity careers and pathways through the use of hands-on activities, literature, and video. A demonstration of a video, career guidebook and accompanying educational, hands-on activities, to help middle school and high school students and teachers learn about the educational pathways and career opportunities in the field of cybersecurity will be shared.

5:25-5:35pm - Talk 5: Cybersecurity in Existing STEM Courses: Connecting Cybersecurity to the NGSS & Common Core
Presenters: Mike Borowczak & Andrea Burrows, WY
Description: Rather than introduce cybersecurity in isolation, this presentation focuses on how to integrate it into existing lessons and units. Participants will walk through how to identify areas of concern in their teaching and then steps to map cybersecurity to NGSS/Common Core concepts.

5:35-5:45pm - Talk 6: Innovative Learning Model for High School Cybersecurity Education: The Fortnight Defense Game Paves the Way
Presenter: Susan Ferebee, AZ
Description: This lightning round presentation will demonstrate graphically the Defense Game model through examples of the Fortnight game and will describe how this model combined with the social constructivist learning theory, and collaborative education theory leads to a fun and effective model for teaching cybersecurity concepts to high schoolers that contribute to developing future cybersecurity professionals. The presentation will highlight how this new learning model can be implemented in paper/pencil exercises, board games, manipulatives, face-to-face or computer simulations, or as a video game. This will be a fast-paced, fun, and interesting view of the new learning model for high school students.

5:45-5:55pm - Talk 7: Accelerating Cybersecurity Learning with Bootcamps and Industry Partnerships
Presenter: Vaibhav Bhandari, CA
Description: Learn about an exciting approach to bring innovative and interactive teaching techniques to students through the CyberDefenders boot camp. This week-long boot camp with online lectures and hands-on labs enables student to create meaningful cybersecurity projects through hackathons, and engagement with industry partnership. We invite educators to collaborate with and use our boot camp in their settings. Educator will walk away with practical techniques to create industry-academia partnerships so students can thrive in the competitive security space.

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