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Attending the following talks:

3rd December 2018

8:35 am
Keynote: Tales of a Teenage Security Supergirl - Texas Salon D and E
9:30 am
Defensive Hacking: A Collaboration in Teaching between IBM and Hacker Highschool - Texas Salon F
10:40 am
Innovative Approaches to Teaching High School Cybersecurity - Texas Salon C
11:30 am
Cyber-Engineering Security Education with the CybatiWorks Platform - Texas Salon F
2:30 pm
Cool (and Free!): Things NSA is doing for K-12 Cybersecurity Education - Texas Salon F

4th December 2018

8:30 am
Keynote: Data Security and Privacy in an Interconnected World - Texas Salon D and E
10:15 am
The Virginia Cyber Range: A Model for One-stop Shopping for K-12 Cybersecurity Educators! - Texas Salon F
10:50 am
BUILDING LINKS: How Augusta University Grows K-12 Interest in Cybersecurity by 100% With Open Access to its Virtual Cyber Lab - Texas Salon F


 Track 3 Integrating Innovative Cybersecurity Educational Approaches Keynote Track 2 Infusing Cybersecurity Across the Educational Portfolio